Adventure Smart:   AdventureSmart is a national program dedicated to encouraging Canadians and visitors to Canada to “Get informed and go outdoors.”

Animated Knots:  A selection of SAR appropriate knots

Callout Search and Rescue:  A Search and Rescue TV Series

National Search and Rescue Secretariat:  An autonomous arm's length organization within the Department of National Defence, accountable to the Lead Minister for Search and Rescue who is also the Minister of National Defence.

Public Safety Canada:  Created to ensure coordination across all federal departments and agencies responsible for national security and the safety of Canadians.

SAR Alberta:  Search and Rescue Association of Alberta

SARSCENE:  SARscene is hosted by the National Search and Rescue Secretariat and co-hosted by a provincial or territorial government in association with local search and rescue volunteer associations.

Search & Rescue Dog Association:  SARDAA teams perform searches under the direction of emergency or law enforcement service agencies.

  Local Links

The North Face Canadian Death Race 

Town of Grande Cache:  The Town of Grande Cache website contains information on all local services and ammenities

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